The impromptu silence

I had been told about a month ago by my boyfriend that I should take the week of my birthday off work. So I did. As it turned out, that was because I was being taken away on a surprise holiday to the Lake District. I live in Yorkshire so that’s only two and a half hours away by car but, when you’re there, it feels as though you’re a million miles away! My mobile persisted in announcing that there was “No signal” and there was no WiFi to speak of. Hence my unintended absence this week!

And so, in part, I’m sorry for abandoning you all! But really, I’ve spent the last five nights in a lovely hotel, eating great food, drinking plenty of local beverages and reading in secluded, sunny spots so my apologies are a tad insincere 🙂

I have plenty to review and normal service shall resume shortly (when I’ve recovered)! Until then, these are are a teeny snapshot of the pictures that I took while we were hiking miles (literally) from civilisation (i.e. those that were on my phone and that I’ve so far managed to put onto the laptop) – see why I’m struggling with being too sorry…? I hope so! It made turning 25 that little bit nicer…:)