Up and coming (or: A Delayed ‘In My Mailbox’ type post..)

As per usual, I fully intended to join in with the ever so popular ‘In My Mailbox’ meme yesterday but I instead ended up bumbling around all evening being domesticated – boo! Rather annoyingly, this week has actually been quite a good week for the old letterbox/inbox, which is typical…

So to start with, I got a couple of my Librarything books through this week. Namely:

Shadowland by Rhiannon Lassiter

I mentioned this in a post a couple of weeks ago when I found out I was being sent it as part of the Early Reviewers thing they have going on over there and it arrived from the publisher yesterday which was great. Hopefully I’ll get on to that this weekend. Or actually what I’ll probably end up doing is scouring libraries for the first two in the trilogy for the rest of the week and indulging myself with a Big Read day on Saturday when no doubt my village will stay true to form and rain continuously..which oddly I actually quite like when tucked up inside with coffee and a book! Anyway, moving on…

The Last Key by Rob Steiner

I also ‘won’ this one as part of the Member Giveaway scheme so it came straight from the author and is a self-published first novel so this should be a bit of a curveball and I’m quite excited about reading a story that is so new to the world đŸ™‚ – here’s what the author had to say about it:

Raven Byrne is a novice dahkshari warrior-priest about to complete his training when his mentor, Jelan Drummond, is killed by a mad war hero named Thallan Brael. With the death of his mentor, it falls to Raven to to stop Brael from using an ancient, destructive magic called the Reaping Key to avenge the deaths of his family and commit genocide against an innocent nation.

This one should be a completely different type of read so I’m definitely intrigued! Aside from via Library thing, I also got:

The StudyTrain (Vol. 1): Reunion of the Untouchables by Kurt Frenier

I’ve read a couple of great reviews elsewhere in the blogosphere so that should be another good one to line up for the wet weekend!

I don’t have anything for a blurb here but it looks great and I’ll be reviewing it here shortly so I guess you’ll just have to wait until then!

Before these landed, I also got a couple from my local library but I think we’ll leave it there for one night – I obviously have to stop writing about these little gems and start reading at some point!