WE MOVED (but don’t have the internet yet…)

If you’ve happened across any of my ramblings this year, you might have noticed that I’ve been on-again-off-again moving since about January.  There was a disaster with a new build/part-exchange valuation way back at the beginning of the year, which didn’t last very long and meant we had to put our house on the market the “normal way”.  We were lucky and found a buyer within a few weeks and found a PERFECT house to buy (which, because this is a story with a happy ending, is the house that we have now moved into!). 
Then followed a ridiculously long and drawn out for no reason process, during which we pulled out once because of our buyer messing everybody around, got delayed for weeks for some reason to do with a scrappy plan that nobody cared about in the first place and generally got completely stressed out.  The best bit was when our solicitor told us that we would be completing at the end of the week and that we should pack everything (which we did, because we’re well behaved like that…) only to later tell us that we wouldn’t be moving until after we got back from our holiday.  Cue a month tripping over and swearing at boxes, not being able to find anything at all and having to cook from a very limited supply of non-packed ingredients.  Super fun.
BUT then it all got frantically pulled together and, after only a couple of nervous breakdowns each, Boyfriend and I moved into the perfect house on the 18th.  HURRAH!  And it was even more wonderful than we’d remembered and I love it so very much.  Even if only a handful of rooms are furnished and we have a ton of re-decorating to do. 
Sadly, the study/reading room will be one of the last to get finished because even though I know that its importance is well above silly things like doing the main living room, Boyfriend does not agree.  Plus, decorating the room plus fitting it out as a proper study/reading room?  Expensive.  STILL, there will eventually be a series of pictures to follow on from my Reading Room Wishlist posts earlier in the year.
ANYway, we don’t have the internet sorted at the new house yet because Sky are appalling at everything (DAMN THEM for being the cheapest for what we want) so I can’t do much in the way of blogging (I’ve typed this at work, because my office may not have many things but it obviously has the glorious internet).  I do have much more time for reading, though, what with all of the time that I previously spent faffing about on the internet now being free.  I came across a box of books that I haven’t seen since I tucked them up since August and they looked like the most exciting books EVER.  You know when you forget how many amazing books you’ve accumulated and then remember and feel all giddy about the prospect of reading them?!  That happened and it was the best.  So I’ve read these out of the magical box of terrificness in the past week, which is sterling progress for me…

Because nothing says comfort reading like robots, food-themed cosy mysteries and letters to an man on Death Row, apparently.
And right now I’m reading Bel Canto by Ann Patchett and oh my WORD is it good!  Although I’m not suprised, because Ellie super kindly bought it for my birthday and her presents are always perfect.
So I’ve read a lot of pretty great stuff and I am excited to write about it all.  Soon, friends.  Soon!  Which was really the point of this post all along, actually…that I’m not dead, I just don’t have the internet.
Hope you’re all having a super October and are reading some suitably moody, creepy books during the dark, gloomy evenings!